Sunday, January 01, 2006

Merry New Year

I spent all day yesterday playing with the angel babe. We fed her new baby dolls that she got for Christmas. We practiced sticking our tongues out. We chased each other through the house and then we went outside. Outside, I saw a new and different world through her eyes, finding wonder in a blade of grass and in watching a cricket hop through the grass. When reluctantly we came back inside, we danced to the theme of Cops (a nightly ritual) ate macaroni and tomatoes and laid in bed until we fell asleep snuggled against each other, her hand on my head and my hand filled with her baby feet breathing in tiny little particles of each other. Could you ask for a more perfect day? Could you ask for a more perfect year? I wish for all my loved ones, friend and family, a joyous, peaceful, loving new year in 2006. I love you all, Yvette

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Ilene said...

What a wonderful post. You are such a good mother. I only hope that I am half as good a mother to you. Anyway never lose that sense of wonder - of seeing things new or the newness of old things. I love you so much. Marmer