Wednesday, January 11, 2006

The Book of Yvette

I just watched The Book of Daniel. The pilot episode was on this evening for 2 hours. Having Direct TV, I don’t really watch network TV anymore. A local station in Columbia interviewed prominent local religious leaders who had viewed it early on their opinions of the movie. Also the Today Show interviewed the creator and Aiden Quinn (the protagonist) about the series and their roles in that series. So when I found myself unexpectedly in possession of the remote, flipping channels, I halted on NBC.

Simply put, I loved the tongue in cheek humor and the caricaturistic portrayal of an Episcopal priest and the most dysfunctional functioning family, parish, friends, in-laws, parents I have ever seen. To top it off, the priest pops Vicoden like candy and talks to a materialized Jesus. Taking on organized religion, The Book of Daniel walks the fine line between sacrilege and sermon succeeding magnificently. It felt like watching a skilled tightrope walker teetering on his high wire. The message gleaned from the black comedy/drama resonates strongly. Your family, for better or worse, is paramount to your existence, and may be only place you, if truth be told, belong.

Don’t look for it to remain on the air long. I jinx television shows. Chances are if I like and understand it, no one else will. I never forgave the industry for canceling Cupid or Thirty Something. Both appealed to me intellectually, and I related to the experiences of the characters. , Not large enough in numbers or notoriety, I feel like my generation is squeezed between the baby boomers and Generation X, forgotten, like the middle child, invisible to Hollywood. Ironic that my generation understands and appreciates the importance of family.

Being the angel babe’s mother, I ponder my role in my family. I tolerate my family, always confused when I am misunderstood. So when I feel stifled by the constant demands of Bella, I evaluate my own ability to stifle my family, natural and extended. Perhaps that is why I communicate poorly how important family is to me. Even being a Sagittarius, I am comforted knowing where I came from. My family shows me where I am headed, for better or worse. Lets just hope it is for the better. I love you all even if I don’t always show it. Yvette

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Ilene said...

And I love you too, my Sweet Yvette. What a wonderful writer you are. You should submit that to the newspaper for a review of The Book of Daniel - very well written. Kisses for our Little Bella-Dawn and you too. That's the thing about family - you never get too old for hugs and kisses.