Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Good Morning

For some reason as I tried to type the title to this post I kept typing goose morning. Maybe the subject of the day should be geese.:) I have heard they are mean and chase other barnyard animals including their human owners. For this reason, we don't have any on our farm. But while we are talking about fowl, I have a birth announcement. One of our black hens has hatched four little fuzzy chicks. After being gone all day yesterday I came home and found that they had somehow gotten out of the brooder pen. Mama chicken was a cluckin, baby chicks were hysterically peeping. all was chaos on the farm. I had to crawl on my belly and capture them. I returned them to their mom and everything quieted down again. Then and only then could I unload the groceries and get the babe into the house. Such is life on the farm now that the main farmer has returned to work. Oh, by the way, for those of you that I haven't told, Tim has a JOB!!!! It is really quite exciting. He hates it of course but it is an income that we so desparately need right now. It will suffice until he can find something that will be more suited for him. As I type this the babe is asleep in the swing. As a new mother, I must salute the inventer of the baby swing. They should get the noble peace prize. That is what the swing brings to my household, noble peace. Speaking of the babe, she is growing like a weed and developing quite a personality. She exhausts me and exhilirates me all at the same time. Once I figure out how to download pictures to this blog I will post them so all can see her growth. We go to the doctor on the 30th of this month for her 4 month well visit. 4 months old, can you believe it? My life has changed so much since her birth. There will be more on that later. Well I must be going. I have such a small window to do my chores in between the babe's naps, that I must manage my time properly. Have a beautiful day. I love you all Yvette


Ilene said...

What a good writer you are Yvette. My kids are much better than I am. You have that knack of making things sooooo interesting and fun. You can find my blog at imagypsy.blogspot.com Love you bunches, Mama

Ilene said...

Oh, by the way. Kiss Bella-Dawn good morning for me and a hug for you. Mama