Friday, March 18, 2005

I am so lucky

Tonight as I finish my day, I count my blessings. Once again in the other room sleeps my husband and my little girl. There is such joy and contentment and peace in that knowledge. Today was the first day both of us have had to go to work on the same day. It was total chaos this morning. But as we rushed off, me to the hospital, Tim to the construction site, I felt happy in a way I haven't felt in a long time. Maybe happy is the wrong word. Relaxed is a better word. Tim took the baby with him to Grandma's house where I know she is safe. I had no tension in my shoulders at all today even when bed management was breathing down my neck to hurry up and empty beds they needed to fill again. There was no tension when two people were looking to me to start their iv's and I was trying to make the assignment for the night shift based on acuity. What a marvelous, beautiful feeling. No tension, just relaxation. Now there is a concept. It just makes me realize that many other people have it so much harder than I do. I am lucky to have my life, my baby, my job, my health and my relaxation. Thank you universe. I love you all Yvette

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